Sunday, January 20, 2013

Modern-Striped Twin Quilt - Session #3 of 4

Skill Level: Intermediate
Skills Attained: piecing a quilt, binding, tying-off quilt, slip stitch
For a list of supplies and materials, refer to Modern-Striped Twin Quilt - Session #1 of 4.
As a refresher, here is the project design and its dimensions. The finished, twin-size quilt is 68" x 87".

As I mentioned in the previous posts, the instructions for this project are broken down into four sessions. The four sessions are as follows:
  1. Cutting the Fabric 
  2. Piecing the Quilt Top 
  3. Sewing the Borders and Preparing for Finishing 
  4. Finishing the Quilt: Tying and Binding 

Let's get started on the next session...

Session #3: Sewing the Borders and Preparing for Finishing

Sewing the Borders

Before you begin sewing on the borders, lay out the borders around the sewn quilt top. First, you will place the 2 1/2" white strips around all four sides. Then, you will place the 4" strips on the outside the white strips. See picture below.

Before sewing the borders, trim any pieces of the quilt top that overhang so that you have even edges. See pictures below.

Notice that the border strips are longer than the sides. You will be cutting the borders to length as you sew.

First, sew the 2 1/2" white strips to the quilt top. To do this, take one of the 2 1/2" white strips and pin it to the left side of the long vertical edge of the quilt top. Pin the right-sides of the fabrics together ensuring that the edges align. Sew a 1/4" seam allowance. Do the same process to the right vertical edge. Once the two vertical white strips are sewn, trim the strips so they are flush with the quilt top. Press the seams open. 

Next, sew the two horizontal 2 1/2" white strips to the top and bottom of the quilt top. Follow the same method as described in the paragraph above. When sewing the horizontal strips to the quilt top, the length of the strip will go the full length of the quilt top, including the vertical strips you sewed as described in the above paragraph. 

Proceed sewing the 4" border strips in the same fashion you sewed the 2 1/2" white strips.

Preparing for Finishing

If you are using a full-size sheet as your backing, you do not need to piece together your material. So, proceed to the next step. If you are using 4 yards of 45" wide fabric, you will need to piece together your material as follows:
Cut the 4 yards in half so you have (2) two-yard pieces of fabric. Sew the pieces right side together along the 2 yard edge, so after sewn, you will have a large piece that is 90" long (45" + 45") x 72" wide (2 yards + 2 yards). Press the seam open and lay the entire piece of fabric wrong-side up.
Note of Caution: Be sure your backing fabric is 45" wide. If the fabric is only 40" or 42", then you will not have enough material. If you cannot find material 45" wide, then you will need to purchase an additional 2 yards of fabric and piece your fabric in two places. 

Next, place your batting on top of the fabric backing so that the batting is on top of the wrong-side of the fabric you are using as your backing. Finally, place your quilt top right side up on top of the batting.

Use safety pins to secure the layers of the quilt in place. (You may also use a binding stitch if you so choose.) I recommend putting safety pins approximately every 8" - 10".

Finally, trim the edges of the batting and backing so that you have an even edge with the quilt top. 

Now you are ready to finish your quilt, which will be covered next week in the last session!

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