Monday, April 21, 2014

R is for Rest

My Brothers and I (probably) on a Sunday Afternoon
My parents not only taught me practical life skills, but they instilled in me the importance of faith and family. One main way they did this was through rest, which played out each week on Sundays. My family was very active in school, work, and our community, but we took a break from these commitments each Sunday. Even as I got older and into my teens, I looked forward to this time together with my family (even though I don't think my brothers liked it as much as I did:). 

Sundays were a day when we didn't do housework or yard work; we didn't plan activities; and we didn't have friends over/go to friends' houses. But it really wasn't a day about things we couldn't do; rather, it was about truly resting and spending uninterrupted time together as family. Growing up, this looked like attending church in the morning, eating a big mid-day meal, and then falling asleep to whatever seasonal sport was on television (football, golf, baseball, etc.). 

Now as a parent, my husband and I try to observe this same rest each week with our children. Of course, it looks different than when I was growing up (as it would for any family). We attend church on Saturday nights, so on Sundays we generally eat a big breakfast together, go for a walk if the weather is nice, or just lounge around in our pajamas watching a little television. No matter what we do, the same core principle applies: rest. We work quite hard six days a week, and I always look forward to that seventh day to enjoy God, His creation, and my family.

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