Friday, April 25, 2014

V is for Valances

My husband lived in our home a year before we got married and I moved in with him, and it's so funny how he just didn't seem to feel a need to decorate much...or at all. [hehe] It's really amazing what a little color on the wall and window treatments will do! There are a variety of window treatments you can choose, but I really like valances for many of my windows. Long drapes look elegant and are functional (i.e., privacy and/or creating a dark space), but valances are just a nice way to decorate a room without the cost of drapes. 

I made a few different valances for various rooms in my house:

In my entryway, I have a single window, and it's not a big space. I chose a satin material that flows nicely on the sides. There is a roller shade on this window for privacy. 

There are two windows in my breakfast nook, and these are the main source of light on one end of my home. So, I didn't want drapes to prevent sunlight from coming through, and I didn't want anything long to hang on the ground and get dirty. I chose a cheery, floral print that swoops across the window. I added a green, pleated edge for some texture. There are roller shades with these windows for privacy.

Finally, there is a single window in the nursery for the children. I went with a Noah's Ark theme (I original, right? :) ). I found an animal print fabric and put some fringe on the edge. The brown, bamboo shade comes down for privacy. 

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