Monday, April 28, 2014

X is for Xtra Material

Today's post highlights X-tra material. Over the years, I've accumulated various fabric from friends and family. They know I like to sew, so it seems natural for them to pass down old, or discarded, material and notions. My mom gave me a ton of Christmas fabric; my mother-in-law had a bunch of upholstery/drape material; and a friend just gave me a few bags full of "vintage", "retro" fabric from the '70s. I am incredibly grateful for all of their donations! 

I'm not picky about my fabric, so whenever I start a new project, I head to my pile and bins of material for inspiration. Very rarely do I buy all new fabric for a project. When I think of sewing with scrap fabric, I envision a patchwork style. I think you'll be surprised at what "scrap" projects can look like. I'll show you some examples of projects I've made from my X-tra material. 

Christmas Stockings made
from scrap Christmas fabric
A Car Caddy for my Nephew

A Baby "Taggie" Blanket

A Memory Game with Zipper Pouch for my Niece

A Gift Bag using Scrap Christmas Fabric


So, the next time you're finished with a project and are thinking about discarding the extra material, think again. Keep those scrap pieces and use it as inspiration in  your next project!

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