Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Tomatoes' Journey: Acclimating Plants - Part 9

Before transplanting your plants outdoors, the tomato plants need some time to adjust to the change in environment. This process is known as "acclimating" or "hardening off". To do this, allow the plants to hang outside a few days before planting them into the ground.

You can begin this process after the last sign of frost. I err on the conservative side, so I wait until I know the whether will be nice before I begin. I generally give the plants three to four days to adjust to the outdoors. I stick them out on my patio during the day: a couple hours the first day, all day the second day, and then overnight the third day.

This gradual adjustment to the outdoors prevents the plants from being "shocked" and potentially dying when moving their home outside.

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