Thursday, June 19, 2014

Late Spring Garden Update

As spring comes to an end and summer begins, I wanted to share with you an update on my garden. A few weeks ago, I would have thought that this year's garden was a total bust. Thankfully, that's not the case! I've had small wins and unexpected surprises. 


Onions are a veggie that can be planted in the spring or the fall. The past few years we've planted onions in the fall and had terrible success. So, this year we planted in the spring (early to mid March in Zone 7), and much to our surprise, we have onions! They are just little white onions, but they are actually edible! 


Carrots have been quite easy for me to grow the last few years. I planted the carrots in February (Zone 7) and harvested them in mid-June. I only planted two rows about 3 feet long, but I plan on planting more next year. In the past, I shredded the carrots and froze them. Shredded carrots work great in muffins, bread, or even spaghetti sauce when you're trying to sneak in some veggies for the kids! 


Lettuce may be the easiest thing I've ever grown. I planted spinach and mesclun. Literally, I threw some seeds on the ground and watered it. The lettuce was ready to harvest in about three to four weeks.  I prefer the spinach to the mesclun. The mesclun is not as sturdy or hardy of a lettuce. The leaves get limp when cut and rinsed. The spinach is much hardier and tastier to me. 


Garlic takes nearly a year to fully mature. You plant the garlic in the fall and then harvest it in early summer. The leaves on the garlic are starting to wilt, so that means they are about ready. If you pick too early, the garlic is hard and the cloves are not separated. If you pick too late, the cloves have fully separated and can lead to dried out garlic. I picked one head of garlic last week, and it still wasn't ready yet. Perhaps they'll be ready in the next week or so. 

Tomato Update

Tomato Plant in Early May
Tomato Plant in Mid-June
Much to my surprise my tomato plants didn't die! They started out so weak and shrimpy, but they are now growing and sturdy. So glad all my efforts didn't go to waste. Check out more info on my tomatoes: My Tomatoes' Journey

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