Thinking back to my childhood years, I realize how wonderfully engaged both of my parents were with me. They invested time in me and taught me an assortment of life skills: planting vegetable gardens, washing clothes, sewing on buttons, hemming pants, making quilts, baking pies, cooking meals, etc. Little did I know how invaluable these lessons would be in the years to come!

Through conversations with my friends and acquaintances, I continue to realize how many young adults – and adults – do not know many fundamental skills of maintaining a home. I created this blog to equip people with knowledge of the domestic arts that they never learned in – or may have forgotten from – their youth.  

As I moved from childhood to adulthood, life’s changes and distance removed me from the daily interactions with my mom, but the life skills she instilled in me remain. I hope to capture, share, and commemorate the Things My Mother Taught Me

                                                                                                                    ~ Leslie ~