Project Gallery

Blueberry Pie with Cornmeal Crust and Lemon Curd
My Baby Clothes Mom Knitted 
My Baby Clothes Mom Knitted
Baby Bonnets
Shirt and Pants for my Son
Linen Napkins
Christmas Stockings with Embroidered Names
Patchwork Christmas Stockings with Embroidered Names
Quilted Treasure Box for my Niece
Birthday Card with Sewn Fabric
Embellished Burp Cloth
Taggie Blanket
Entryway Valance
Kitchen Valance
Nursery Valance
Reversible Tote Bags
Cosmetic Zipper Pouches
Amish Quilt Patterned Cross-Stitch
Floral Cross-Stitch Made by Mom
Bear Cross-Stitch Made by Mom for Younger Brother in 1987
Strawberry Pie
Monkey Bread
Strawberry Jam